WILDFLOWER BOOM, is an initiative to plant beautiful, colorful wildflower everywhere! The objective is to help increase the natural food source for our pollinators and create a collective worldwide nature art project that will provide an abundant, nutritional food source for our declining bee's and other essential pollinators We will designate schools, community gardens, public buildings, private lands, and roadways as bee-friendly environments through the use of native flora.

In addition we are a creative catalyst in which other brands can collaborate to bring awareness, and help preserve nature. <3

Be Wild & Free! The earth is our canvas! Plant Wildflowers everywhere! From the cracks of the side walk to the roof top of your building to the front yard of your house or the empty lot down the street! Just please do not use any synthetic insecticide, pesticide, herbicide, fungicide, synthetic fertilizers, or GMOs in the process.